August 18, 2021

Every work of art, like our world, has an origin … and that of our artisans comes from an ancient tradition that is reflected in great textile works through their hands. Being at times like gods who enthusiastically create universes varied in textures, shapes and colors.

Usually, the name of the type of knot comes from the area in which the tradition began, such as the Persian knot, Tibbetan knot or Indotibettan. Most of the traditional motifs and tints have a local anchor and thus, like any artistic work that is created, the rugs carry with them a part of the author: the origin.

As a curious fact, the first known carpet was found in Siberia in 1947, and it is believed that it was made in some area of ​​Armenia or Persia around 400 BC. It is known by the name of the exact place of its discovery: Pazyryk carpet.