From a philosophical point of view we can talk about the fifth valve of the heart, a secret valve in which the soul sits. Each piece in the Hearts collection represents the mapping of the heart, and its paths or valves to reach the soul.


The new collection of Balmaceda, Teotihuacán is a tribute to our Mexican roots in fusion
to India, it is the modern reinterpretation of the ancestral that defines us, the old that has marked us and the modern that shows our present and future.


Suspended, in flight
With Strength and Will
Traversing the Universe,
A total Darkness filled
with shimmers and Constellations,
Light on the horizon
Paints with sparkles
its Magnetic Surface.


Balmaceda’s fourth collection is inspired in geometrical figures, cuts, colors and shadows that represent the unfolding in which we are able to recognize and create deeper connections with ourselves and others, turning even more open and vulnerable to come closer to each other.


What contains it? Where does it come from? How does something completely intangible cut through our lives with such power? These are the explorations and foundations upon which Time Capsules are built.


José María has always questioned time, the way it flows through everything on earth and the different way it affects each one; a human life in its entirety is a small spot in the life of a rock.
Leading up to his second collection, where he explores these ancient rocks and experiments with fibers such as leather thread and different types of knots to bring these stones to life through his rugs.


After meeting with his Nepalese family, Balmaceda begins to work on the pieces for his first collection, where he brings his fears and demons to light, fights against them, conquers them and later fossilize them in 7 irregular rugs made in Kathmandu, Nepal, playing with different materials and developing new knots from replicating errors.