August 18, 2021

Authenticity in different categories

In the world of oriental rugs there are several categories depending on their place of manufacture, as each one of them has different characteristics that make them unique. This time we will talk about nomadic rugs and pedal loom rugs.


Nomadic rugs

The motifs on these rugs are often inspired by nature and its environment: they collect patterns handed down from their ancestors. Nomadic rugs are knotted with wool, most often from native sheep, making them even more special and authentic.

Another curiosity and a way to distinguish them is to appreciate how the wool changes color in some parts, without a doubt, unique pieces 100% handmade.

Pedal loom rugs

In different workshops the technique of weaving on a pedal loom is used, which allows artisans to capture multiple designs on different materials. The pedal loom is based on a wooden structure through which, sitting with the movement of the hands and feet, they mainly spin each of the woolen fabrics. It is a technique that allows working at a greater pace or speed and in which weavers generally do not use any type of template, except for special designs according to our projects.